Hear what our clients have to say


Julie Hale

“I’m Julie Hale and I’m 35 years old. My husband was searching for a gym online and found Blue House Fitness and he asked if I would go with him… and I said no. He asked quite a few more times, and I said I’ll try one Saturday class, and if I don’t like it, I won’t come again. When we came, it was a really hard workout and it was also really fun… and then we decided to join. I had a very serious emergency surgery and I was not able to walk. After 6 months, I regained mobility and strength and got back to my gym. Coaches did a great job researching about my injuries and making programming especially designed for me. That was amazing. It really helped me in my journey. All I can say is the Blue House Community is amazing.”

Maurice Cowley

“I’m Maurice, I’m 38. Initially, I got into CrossFit because my wife was looking to start working out. We live about 2 miles from here. My wife checked it out and joined. A couple weeks later, I joined after I had worked out on a Saturday when they had a community WOD. It’s really fun and I love the community. I have a Bespoke Membership, where I have a coach and they are programming especially for me and my goals and work on my weaknesses. It’s really holistic. I work on my weaknesses, but I get to do other really fun stuff I’m good at. My wife and I have been married 14 yrs, we have 5 kids… a lot of people in our house. We didn’t have a ton of time, so fitness kind of fell off. We didn’t feel like we had the time. The time we come into the gym is so helpful, all we have to do is show up as ourselves. We get to be connected to a broader community. That there’s something bigger going on than in our house. Then I get to step back into our family more engaged. It’s a gift and worth the investment, for sure.”

Danielle Tung

“I’m 43 from Michigan. I first joined the Blue House Fitness in January 2018. My husband decided to join and I was like “I’ll join with you”. I’d watched other people losing weight and changing their life through CrossFit and I thought… Maybe that will work. The biggest initial challenge I faced was that I was totally out of shape. I wasn’t very strong, had no reserves whatsoever, and I struggled through every workout. I was sore for days after. All the coaches have been amazing, all of our current coaches and past coaches too. But I can think of a number of points where Brian has kind of pushed.. and said you need to do this, you can do this. I did the Open for the first time, it was scary, but that launched me working out 3-4/wk and now we are working out our normal 5 days a week, and that’s kind of become our normal routine now. I’ve lost 40lbs so far. It feels good to not feel winded walking places. For someone who is scared, just come in and meet the coaches. They can scale down any workout to something I am capable of doing. It’s very encouraging and a very welcoming place. Come join us, we’d love to have you.”

Nate Streib

"My full name is Nathan Streib. I'm 46, and I am from Bremerton, WA, which is on the Olympic Peninsula. A long time ago, Dave Thomas and I had kids in Kindergarten together, and he was talking about [Blue House Fitness], and he said "You should come, bro! You should come!" And I showed up, and I have been here ever since. The thing that has probably kept me most motivated has been mental. I have struggled a lot with mental health, such as depression. With workouts, it has really helped with that. So, that has been a huge transition for me, whereas anymore it's hardly a struggle. There was a lot of anxiety and depression, and now I have a lot more confidence both for work and in general - I know I can take it. I can do this. Many times, we think the mind is not related to anything else, but I think the mind, the body, and spirit are interconnected. We should take care of all three aspects."

Miguel Moreno

My name is Miguel Moreno, and I am 22 years old. I was born here in Portland, but I grew up in Mexico. I found CrossFit through this gym. I was actually hanging out with a friend across the street in the park, and I saw how they were working out inside. I was curious about it. Eight months into CrossFit, Brian Loveland, one of the coaches here, started programming specifically for me. We were doing specific programming and mobility for me. So, he was in contact all the time telling me what to do for two to three months. And, that's how I made my mobility and strength better. It was all because of Brian. He deserves a lot of credit for that because he helped me a lot. In the three years I've been doing CrossFit, I've gained 20 pounds. I feel good about it. My main goal was to become stronger and to have more mobility.

Daniel Ribeiro

My full name is Daniel Ribeiro, and I am 42 years old. When I first started coming here, I saw a lot of my own hang-ups and barriers about what I could handle and what felt good. I would see every little discomfort as a reason to pause everything and take a step back. I held on to two days a week of coming into the gym. And, while I was still enjoying it and coming 2-3 times per week, for the first year, my weight didn't come down. It really came down to me cherry picking the days of the week that I was coming in so I wasn't really challenging myself and improving my overall fitness and flexibility. With the recent programs that the gym has implemented, we had to completely restructure and implement our daily exercises. The two main things are having a dedicated coach helping me out with setting up routines that are specific to my goals, which helps me with my own accountability and scheduling. It's making sure that I'm not cheating myself by skipping running. Also, the nutrition program has been tremendous. The old adage "You don't lose weight in the gym, you lose weight in the kitchen" stands true for me - I have been a victim of that. Even when I thought I was eating healthily, I wasn't, and I wasn't able to do that on my own. So, having someone like Brian coming in and reviewing my food logs and helping me figure out what my nutrition goals are has been tremendously helpful. In my first year, I did not lose a single pound. I gained muscle mass, but the scale never changed. I was starting to get discouraged. After adopting those two programs, I'm almost at 25 lbs lost in the last couple of months. It's feels fantastic -- it has been a great shift.